Real Passive Income Ideas

Below is a running list of Passive Income IDEAS, and so far is almost completely stolen from a Reddit post and the comment thread on the r/passive_income subreddit. I am looking to keep building this out more and more and could use some help if anyone else is interested in this.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

Residual (it takes work to set up, but once you are done, there is minimal to no upkeep)

  • selling on Redbubble

    • making stock images

  • creating courses

  • Sell usage rights to original artwork

  • Sell digital stationary (via greenvelope, minted, etc)

  • Web / server hosting

Semi-passive (it requires some level of engagement, even if it's at least partially passive)

  • Cash Back Earning Apps on purchases you'd already be making / Scanning Receipts (sites like Fetch Rewards and Ibotta are popular, but there's a million out there, clicking the link will give you more options)

  • Charging maintenance fees for hosting local businesses websites

  • Paid parking lot

  • Hard money lending

  • Billboard on your land

  • Affiliate marketing

  • onlyfans

  • blog

  • renting equipment of some kind

  • Print on demand

  • P2P lending (I'm personally a fan of R/Borrow )

  • Vending Machine business

  • Donating blood Link

Completely passive (minimal set up and no upkeep necessary)

  • hosting ads on your website [ Bingo!, that's what this site will be =) ]

  • crypto-mining

  • listing out your garage or storage space on Neighborly If you use this link ( you'll also get a $50 Amazon gift card when your space is rented!

Other Ideas

  • Covered calls

  • Land rental

  • Boat rental

  • Beach deck chair rental

  • Jet ski hire

  • Amazon fba

  • Audio book publishing

  • Kindle book publishing

  • Dropshipping

  • Crypto coin lending

  • Internet Sharing/ CPU sharing

  • dog sitting / dog walking

  • Print On Demand (redbubble / merchbyamazon / teespring / teepublic)

  • Paid Advertising on YouTube videos

  • Cross trainer and treadmill rental

  • Whiskey investing

  • Handbag hire

  • Jewelry rental

  • Staff free laundromat

  • Prop / furniture rental

  • Spare bedroom rental

  • Airbnb arbitrage

  • Wood chipper machine hire

  • Driveway rental in big cities

  • Limousine hire

  • Toll road

  • Public pay and display parking

  • Plant rental

  • Golf cart rental

Other Side Hustle Ideas